do you have a goddess or deity you adore?

Hi There! Thank-you so much for your interest in custom orders, I have created this page to make it as easy as possible.


Whether you would like to re-purchase a candle scent you love, but with a different crystal or if you would like something a little different - whether it is your own idea or if you need some assistance, I am delighted to help!

With custom orders it enables me to share a range of jar designs, wax colour options, my entire scent range and crystals.


Sacred Heart Label is more than candles alone though - bath salts, oils, melts, aura sprays and crystals, oracle decks, journals and SHL merch are all an option too, depending on what kind of items you are looking for to express your craft.

Or perhaps you would like a custom mystery box theme?

Do you have a goddess or deity you adore and are inspired by?

I can help curate a kit for your craft!

If you are interested in making a private order make an inquiry to: