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Amor Fati

Amor Fati

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"Gladly surrender yourself to Clotho: let her spin your thread into whatever web she wills."- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.

Amor Fati is the practice of accepting and embracing everything that has happened, is happening, and is yet to happen. 

This candle, Amor Fati is inspired by The Fates (The Moirai) who were three goddesses in Greek and Roman wisdom. Their names were Clotho (Spinner), Lachesis (Allotter), and Atropos (Inflexible). Clotho spun the “thread” of human fate, Lachesis dispensed it, and Atropos cut the thread (thus determining the individual’s moment of death). 

This outlook inspires me to understand that external events are out of my control, to love my story and that the only moment I ever have is this moment, so I try to cherish it closely and with honour - especially with those I love.

🕰️📜⏳ • Amor Fati:

Inspirations: Fate, Healing & The Moirai

Scent: Acai Blossom

Crystal: Pink Tourmaline [Pink tourmaline represents a love of humanity and humanitarianism. . It is an excellent stone for healers and counselors because it promotes better listening and understanding.]

180grams // Soy Wax // Vegan & Kosher Friendly

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