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Sacred Heart Label

Heart knot necklaces

Heart knot necklaces

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These adorable hand-painted bows are the perfect accessory for any witch that loves glamour magick and self-love.

I often wear my hair in a bow which inspired me to start setting an intention on days I do this. 

I thought of the idea that jewelry is another way to set your intention each day... 

👛✨ A bow can by a symbol of protection, beauty & feminity.

👛✨ These hand painted bows resemble hearts, the symbol of love.

👛✨ They are also shaped to be a pleasant sensory toy that can be held with your index finger and thumb!

So this universal necklace that is hand-made, and hand-painted and paired with a 24k plated chain with a lobster clasp - makes the perfect tool for a lil glam witch!


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