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Sacred Heart Label

Internal Magick

Internal Magick

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I do believe that there are gods, and in a far higher sense than that in which any of my accusers believe in them.” - Socrates

Internal magick is inspired by magick we carry within being human, which is everything that makes up who we are [not our bodies] but rather our values, passions, feelings and thoughts, love and connections. Magick is not control, magick is nature and nature just 'is' the way it exists, sometimes it simply has to be that way.

Internal Magick was inspired by an old candle of mine called "spellbound" - but I thought about what is important in magick and re-developed this candle into the message I beleive is a beautiful totem of true magick making.

🔮🪞🖤• Internal Magick:

Inspirations: Healing, The Universe, Nature & Magick

Scent: Cinnamon Apple

Crystal: Amethyst [Associated with Anti-Anxiety, Addiction Aid & Protection]

180grams // Soy Wax // Vegan & Kosher Friendly

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