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"Ethereal Gems" - Lilac Fairy Quartz Infused Candle
Sacred Heart Label

"Ethereal Gems" - Lilac Fairy Quartz Infused Candle

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This beautiful soy candle is Sparkling Gingerbread scented giving it a lovely biscuity-sweet infused scent and infused with an intuitively chosen Fairy Quartz. Perfect for any creative or spiritual space. 

- Aprox 350g scented soy wax
- Crystal shades and shapes vary
- Colours of glass can appear slightly different in real life due to reflective nature / and light effects used in photography.
- Pls read saftey guides on base of candle and saftey guide cards

Also known as Spirit Quartz or Cactus Amethyst, Only found in South Africa.

It’s a stone that will bring about your spiritual evolution. It can guide your spirit to reach spiritual growth and enlightenment.

The Spirit Quartz also carries energies of harmony and balance. Whenever you feel restless or unhinged, this stone can help restore the harmony and balance back in your life.