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Sacred Heart Label

Pixie Bakehouse

Pixie Bakehouse

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Pixie Bakehouse is one of my favourite classics in our range of candles. I created her almost two years ago and have never let this one go. Pixie Bakehouse is inspired by one of my loves ever since I was a child - The Fae and Folklore.

ğŸ§šğŸ¼â€â™€ï¸ğŸªžğŸŒ·â€¢ Pixie Bakehouse:

Inspirations: The Fae, Folklore & Childhood memories

Scent: Strawberries and Cream

Crystal: Rose Aura [Unconditional love, the heart, Hope & optimism]

180grams // Soy Wax // Vegan & Kosher Friendly

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