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Ritual Oils
Sacred Heart Label

Ritual Oils

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Pls Note! - these now are packaged in amber dropper bottles 😇✨

Ritual oils have an important role for me on my altars, they help me set my intentions, visualise my goals and most importantly - a beautiful offering to dieties...

✨Divine Dominus Ritual Oil ✨

Lavender, Orange & Bergamot

Echidna was a half-woman and half-snake creature in Greek mythology who gave birth to almost all of the Greek mythical creatures, which lead Echidna to also known as "The Mother of all Monsters".

Divine Dominus Ritual Oil is inspired by Echidna, in many forms of dealving into her endless possibilities of spiritual meanings and symbolism.

I like to use this item to remind me of my feminine power, strength whether it is wearing this item as a perfume oil on a day I need a little inspiration, or to accompy in a spell or ritual.

✨Magickal Realm✨

Neroli & Ylang Ylang

Magickal realm is inspired by The Faery folk-lore Realm, one of my biggest inspirations in my craft in art and spiritual practices. Faery folklore is of multiple European cultures (including Celtic, Slavic, Germanic, English, and French folklore).

This Ritual oil is inspired by the lore of The Faery Realm, which is often perceived as another universal dimension. My inspiration lead me to the light side of the Fae, which is optimistic, protected, and specifically adapted to Unicorns which are thought to be a creature of magickal powers such as healing others.