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"21st Century Goddess" Deluxe Mystery Box
Sacred Heart Label

"21st Century Goddess" Deluxe Mystery Box

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Who is the 21st Century Goddess?

🥰 This is a Preorder item, preorder yours now to have it shipped out January 2023 🥰

This is the box of you, the 21st Century Goddess. (Goddex). ğŸ’ğŸªžğŸŒ¹

Each box is intuitively curated to be a beautiful toolkit for you. I know in my heart, many of you are like me...

Whether it is recognised often or not, we are sensitive, creative, optimistic and eccentric beings with a great deal of internal power and a drive to care for others - and stand up for others and ourselves...

This to me, is The 21st Century Goddess. ğŸŒ¹ğŸªž

 Items to expect;

• XL "21st Century Goddess"
• Scented Candle
• 3pc Crystal kit
• 4pc Altar kit + guide
• incense
• Oracle deck or book
• Visual journal by SHL
& More! 🤓🌹

The themes are passion, creativity, self discovery and gratitude ♥️

A lot of items will be intuitively chosen, so the item chooses you ♥️

Much love to everyone, and I hope this is something that means something special to you! ğŸŒ¹ğŸªž