The Mountain Nymph - Mini Amber Duo
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The Mountain Nymph - Mini Amber Duo

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Inspired by Echo, The Mountain Nymph (Oread)

This little duo features two mini but generous candles in a new amber glass jar, inspired by the Greek Mythology story of Echo, The Mountain Nymph (Oread). The scent is a beautiful "bouquet" of Geranium, Clary Sage & Lavender Essential Oil and infused with Peacock Ore.

"Echo offended the goddess Hera by keeping her in conversation, thus preventing her from spying on one of Zeus' Amours. To punish Echo, Hera deprived her of speech, except for the ability to repeat the last words of another. Echo’s hopeless love for Narcicuss, who fell in love with his own image, made her fade away until all that was left of her was her voice."

At first this tale may seem sad, hopeless and dystopian - My reflection is, what an ironic tale. Echo was manipulated to protect Zeus who would have affairs with other nymphs, who Hera rightfully felt at sorts with. Often a womans voice, particurarly what society would deem as a "promiscuious" woman is empty voice, a voice that might not be heard.

Echo clearly had a pattern with men who had status, first Zeus, then Narcicuss. It left her hurt, and she faded away, but regardless of how misunderstood she was, the truth and story of Echo continues on forever and ever, and here we are knowing her truth and desires today.

It is important to know, there was someone looking out for her and her justice - Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Who then cursed Narcicuss.