The Solitary Witch Mystery Box

Sacred Heart Label

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The Solitary witch isn't a witch who is alone, but a witch who knows how.

She knows herself, and trusts herself.

She inspires the world around her through her empathetic nature and wisdom,

she grants wishes and focuses not on "the good things" but rather,

the practical aspects of life that will heal her heart - and perhaps someone elses.

A solitary witch is intuitive, and knows almost way to much...

that is what is so remarkable about the solitary witch.

Are you a little bit like this? Then this Mystery box is for you.


This mystery box features items such as a scented soy candle, incense, soothing teas, an oracle deck, an altar cloth for protection, a variety of crystals, spells + lots more.

Plus with every order you will receive a free gift and a hand-written note that will help guide you on your journey.